People occasionally say to me: ‘what’s the most difficult part of creating your marvelous images?’ (ok, ‘marvelous’ was just wishful thinking).

The only really difficult thing apart from coming up the ideas, is handling the low light conditions. While low light photography is probably most often associated with location shoots, parties, concerts and the like, for me it has become a mainstay of my studio work and I’ve found it provides an unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Using projections forces me to use relative high ISO setting, wide apertures and slow shutter speeds. I can minimise the impact of the high ISO noise in post processing (Topaz DeNoise I use a tripod and a remote release rather than try to hand hold at low shutter speeds. I find manual focus and depth of field tables help me to guarantee sharpness in the right places.

The only thing I’ve yet to workout it how to communicate with a model that’s blinded by my projectors and deafened by the studio fan.

“That’s good but could you turn your head towards me …”

“Not your leg, your HEAD”

“Errr… no I’m over here… to your left”

“No your other left”

“Ok forget it, must be about time for a cup of tea”


~ by sligital on April 8, 2010.

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