The Journey

Colin is too busy getting ready for Photomonth and has agreed that as I like to blog/talk that I could guest at his neglected blog so that’s what I’m doing.

So we’ll be at the 2010 Photomonth fair on the 9th October. The journey here was an interesting one for us it’s not what I anticipated doing this October.

We decided this year that as Colin is really enjoying his photography and as he’d received some pretty good feedback about his unique approach that maybe we should do something about getting it out to a wider public.

So although we both use flickr (and still do for our other photos) we decided it was time for a dedicated website to showcase the ‘Sligital’ photos.

We sorted out the website and the admin aspects around that and then Colin started wading through his photos to populate it. That done we sat back for a while. He carried on doing his studio work even managing to persuade me to go along to a session. I enjoyed the session much to my surprise as I’d never done any studio photography before. Admittedly ‘Sligital’ photography is not your standard studio work. It was far too much like hard work and the model was great at putting me at ease as I was very nervous not knowing what to expect really.  Here’s one of the photos from that session.

I think it was to get me to really understand why he always seemed knackered after a session!

Anyway after a visit to a local fine art fair we thought that looks fun why don’t we do something like that and next thing we know after sending in our application we’d bagged a stall at Photomonth and the preparations began. I wasn’t sure we’d get a stall as they’d asked for samples of our work so I assume there was some sort of vetting process to see what the applicants had to offer . So it wasn’t necessarily first come first served

Colin decided that he wanted to do something special for the fair and that meant a special shoot using some of his film cameras and the subsequent creation of ‘Extremely limited editions’ . Why extremely limited’? Well there will only be 1 of each one we bring along. Each edition is unique in that it will be the only copy of the framed print and the slide that goes with it so no way for us to exactly reproduce even in this age of digitisation. We’ll only have 4 of these available as well.

We’ll also bring some other work which you can also see at the Photomonth gallery on our website. The Photomonth photos will be up on our site till the end of November.

We’ll be selling other prints at a discount at the Fair itself (I know it’s like the royal we but I do have to live through the creation process). I’m afraid we can’t preview the limited editions though you’ll have to come along to see those.

We have no expectations other than enjoying ourselves it’ll be a day of firsts. Please come and see us and say hello if you’re there on Saturday.

Now I need to find somewhere else to be while Colin finishes of framing & preparing the Limited Editions….

See you Saturday 9th October 2010 at the Photomonth fair at Spitalfields market if you can make it  .


~ by sligital on October 2, 2010.

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